Chocolate Mudcake Cupcakes with fresh cream frosting

Hiya guys, feast your eyes on theses beauties! Chocolate Mud Cake cupcakes. I don't usually make chocolate cupcakes and I thought it was time to right this wrong. I opted for the mud cake variety as I wanted SERIOUSLY CHOCOLATEY cupcakes.
I'm really glad I made them and this will be a recipe I shall use again. An important thing to note is that these cupcakes are much better eaten the next day. My cupcakes don't normally get to see day 2 but I am so glad these did. When I made them I tasted them with and with all honesty they were quite average chocolate cupcakes, I wasn't especially impressed. But when I ate one the next morning OMG they were amazing! Lovely RICH and CHOCOLATEY a million times better. 
On the first day they were average chocolate cupcakes ,on the second day they had fully transformed into chocolate mud cakes! 

The recipe came with a chocolate butter cream recipe but I didn't want that, and decided to go for a fresh cream frosting. I wanted something light and refreshing to balance/compliment the rich chocolateness  So I whipped double cream and sweetened with icing sugar.
 I was seriously happy with the end product, the fresh cream really worked well with the mud cake as you got a light, refreshing sweet cream followed by the rich chocolatey cupcake. You needed the sweetened cream to provide some sweetness because the cupcake wasn't sweet just very chocolatey.

I used my Milton 1M star nozzle to pipe this on, I started on the outside and piped in. Fresh cream is certainly more temperamental then butter cream, the air bubbles I couldn't get rid off inside the piping bag meant when I piped I wasn't able to get continued swirl it kept spurting and cutting me off. Then it wouldn't give me a clean neat finish so I had to get strategic with where I placed my flowers decorations!

Chocolate Mud cake Cupcakes Recipe (makes 16)

56g Plain Flour
56g Self-Rasining Flour
22g Cocoa Powder
1/4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
156g Caster Sugar
90g Dark Chocolate (This needs to have high cocoa content mine was 7o%)
93g Butter
3/4 Instant Coffee (This is to boost the chocolateness you won't be able to taste the coffee)
65ml Water
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vegtable Oil
56g Buttermilk  

Preheat oven to 170 c
Melt chocolate, butter, coffee and water in a pan, stir till choc is melted, as soon as it has take it of the heat wait for it too cool down.
Combine wet ingredients;buttermilk, oil, eggs. Once the choc mixture is cool add the wet ingredients and mix till everything is combined. Important to make sure you don't add it if its hot as the heat might start to cook the eggs.
Now dry ingredients; 2 flours bicarbonate of soda and sugar can go in to mixture , mix till everything is combined. 
Divide mixture into cases and bake for 20-24 mins or until your skewer comes out clean. Mine were done around 20 I was being careful to not over bake so kept checking towards the end of the baking time.

Enjoy x



  1. These... I called them the happy food. One bite and happiness will instantly appear :D

  2. my tummy was quite ecstatic about eating these :)

  3. This is making me want one.:)
    Look delicious!!!