Baking Haul:Decorating Stuff

Hey guys I have a baking haul for you today as I went to a cake decorating store/warehouse with some friends of mine today. The place was called the Sugar Shack and what looks like random looking warehouse place is really a cake decorating wonderland. Holding all sorts of equipment and accessories to make your cakes the bells of the ball.
Before entering I had made a promise that I would only buy things that wouldn't be able to get locally and things that I would get lots of use out. To ensure that I didn't go into a cake decorating buying frenzy.  
Here are the fruits of my shopping labour. A Wilton truffles mould which I wanted to make my truffles look professional and uniform instead of the different shape balls I currently make. (£ 2.99)
100 Foil cupcake cases which come with 4 different colours red, silver,gold and purple £3.99.
Small truffles silver foil cases.

 A Wilton Pink Icing Colour concentrated paste Rosa £2.25.  A Edible Decorations pearlized Blush Sugar Pearls £3.49 theses are pretty pearly colour. Lastly a Wilton 1M open star nozzle this was actually from Hobby Craft for £1.99.    

             This pic is so u can see the back of the Truffles moulds if u were wondering.

The shop was really nice and fully stocked with everything one might need, however some items are a bit pricey and could be found much cheaper on-line or else where. Which is what plan to do with plunger cutters and some beautifully embossed glass rolling pins which I have had my eye for a while now. I hated leaving without them in my possession but they were £15 which isn't extortionate but as I still do all this for a hobby couldn't really justify it to my self.

With regards to edible decorations I would remind you just check the ingredients if you have a food issues/allergies. I'm Muslim and I was about to buy some pretty orange flowers before the lady informed me they had gelatin in them which is something we don't eat. I always make sure my purchases are suitable for vegetarians but she had to inform me because these particular decorations didn't have any labelling on them most other things were labelled though. Just to add to that, like many others stores they had flavourings which contain alcohol which again is something I don't purchase. They also had a range of some non- alcholic flavourings though.

Overall it was a good shop which has loads of tools, accessories and decorations, you will need a Sat Nav to get there though!  X


  1. I'm a bit of a baking accessory obsessive so I am extra jealous of your shopping! Near me there is something similar and I can't go to often because I get a little carried away... my bank balance struggles when I do :) xxx

    Alex-Rose xx

  2. Hey Alex, its definitely a dangerous habit to have....our love of pretty edible things.

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  4. Oooh love a good baking supplies haul! I went to a similar place this week and it's so difficult to restrain yourself isn't it! Look forward to seeing what you make with this especially the truffles, I've only ever made unevenly shaped balls in the past myself!

  5. Me too kim....which i as why i needed the moulds! will be using them soon to make some for a friend hopefully they will come out good.

  6. You have a lovely blog!!! First time here.
    Claudia P.

  7. Thank you for stopping by and having a look Claudia :)