GBBO Bake along-Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


Week two of the GBBO brought us Biscuit week, so I made some lovely comforting seriously  chocolaty cookies. I contemplated some lemon jammy dodgers but the lure of white chocolate chips hidden in a huge chocolate cookie was too strong. The moral of story......chocolate always wins!

There were some awesome bakes this weeks....some of those structures were pieces of art....edible art.....which is the best kind of art! I was really happy for Iain, he struggled in the first two challenges but pulled it together for his very cool wild west scene. Luis's George and the Dragon showstopper OMG how amazing was that? Plus he made the flavours match the characters! My current fav is lovely  Richard!! He is so smiley and so talented I was really happy for him when he got star baker!!!

Back to my bake, I really needed a chocolate fix so I decided to make me a big fat chocolate cookie packed with white chocolate chips! These were delicious,quick to make and certainly hit the spot. They were intensely chocolate and then you would get lovely sweets hits from the creamy white chocolate chips. I ate these with a glass milk....they were yummy and comforting.

I used this bbc good food recipe which was great. It makes loads, so we just kept the extra dough in the freezer so we could have easy chocolate fix nearby when we needed it.  Lasted about  4 days which is quite good.......normal people could have probably stored it for longer......but we are chocoholics so we had these 4 nights in row......just one each though we not that crazy.

I'am linking this up to GBBO bake along hosted by mummy mishaps. I'm also linking up to supergoldenbakes' sGBBO bake along.

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GBBO-Coffee Swiss Roll. ......soo close


Hooray!! Bake off is back in all our lives, the GBBO shaped hole in my life can start to be filled mostly likely with lots sugary bakes.I'm looking forward to seeing all the awesome things the guys have to bake, and shall try my best to bake along Insha'Allah.

Which brings me to my first attempt at a Swiss Roll! Now I'd been thinking about baking one of these for ages but hadn't gotten around to it. Luckily it happened to be the signature bake challenge for the bakers....so I just HAD to have a ago.

This Roll you see before you was my 2nd attempt at the Swiss Roll. Lest just say if I baked my first attempt in the lovely white tent....I would have probably been found rocking back and forth in a corner some where (probably near the oven) muttering why, why, why!? Not that I'm dramatic or anything. This 2nd attempt still wasn't executed perfectly....I was SO CLOSE. This baking mistake would have only required some kind words from Mel& Sue maybe sandwich hug and I would have been fine.

So as you can see my Roll looks a little different, because I ended up rolling it inside out because the top got stuck to the baking sheet. I was so annoyed. The baking went fine, I'd even pre-rolled it! That was where it all went down hill. I tried to unroll it an discovered the sponge had stuck to the baking parchment. Boo Hoo...so I got handy with my knife rescued what I could and carried on.

The Swiss roll was a yummy coffee flavour, the sponge was nice and light. I happily tucked in to it, crack or no crack.....it was delish! It did help me feel a bit better about the situation.  X