A Yummy Pretty Chocolate cake

Hi Guys
My internet has been down hence the no posts for a while...but the techy guy came today and all is well with my laptop again...horray!
I have a chocolate cake to show that I made when my nieces and nephew were coming around for a visit. I wanted to make them a cake...and it had to be chocolate so feast your eyes on the end product. I used a bbc good food chocolate cake recipe but used sour cream instead of the suggested buttermilk/yoghurt. As I had used this recipe before with yoghurt and remember thinking it had a lighter chocolate flavour due to the yoghurt.

I didn't want to cover the whole cake in chocolate as the kids would have probably been as high as kites. So to make it pretty I piped some roses around the edge of top layer. FYI the middle part looks like I was trying to hide something because.....I  was trying to hide something. I tried to pipe roses in the middle but it got a bit wonky then I started to run out of buttercream so I just removed the middle roses and got out some handy chocy sprinkles!

This went down really well, they couldn't wait to get their hands on it.... so much so that while i was upstaris they licked the roses of the top! when I came back there was three roses left! A cheeky smile and some chocolate fingers led me to the culprit rather quickly.... I suspect she had an accomplice though. I really liked the chocolate sponge it was nice and chocolaty with a lovely texture. The buttercream was perhaps a bit thick....I think I should have used more buttercream on the cake as it was quite big. The cake to buttercream ratio was a bit off.

Sorry but I cant remember the measurements I used for the buttercream....I did use cocoa powder instead of melted choc though. So behold this has been the first proper cake I've posted on here ...GASP and this a baking blog, A wrong has now been righted. See ya :)