Apple and Blueberry Loaf

A yummy Apple and Blueberry Loaf is what I have for you today. It was meant to be the  Blackberry and Apple loaf  from Jo Wheatley's A Passion for Baking, but I didn't fancy blackberries and my crumble top didn't work out (I don't want to talk about it!
So we (my twin + I) decided to turn it into a Apple and Blueberry Loaf minus the crumble top. We were so happy with the way this turned out, it was so yummy! We sprinkled cinnamon on the top and on the apples we chucked in, so now and again you could catch wafts of yummy cinnamon. The cake was lovely, light and moist, it was an all in one method and we love an easy all in one method! It tasted of the lovely juicy blueberries...just like a big Blueberry muffin.

Only thing I would change is to cut the apples up bigger next time as they got a bit lost because they were small.
Smiles all round, this went down really well it was scrummy! Excuse the wobbly decoration I decided to put some White chocolate on for decoration.

Packed with yummy blueberries and apples.



A Mountain Cake Masquerading as a Choc Chip Cookie

 Hiya, I want to introduce you to my little mountain cakes masquerading as choc chip cookies!yeah you read right. Since my Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies worked out great I wanted to try my hand at chocolate chip ones. I recently purchased Jo wheatley's  A Passion for Baking and heard good things about her cookies. So I thought I would give them a go.

Only I didn't stick exactly to her recipe I didn't use the amount of sugar stated in the recipe. It seemed so much I couldn't bring myself to do it thinking they would come out too sweet.  (325g of sugar to 400g of flour) 
As we all know if you don't stick to the recipe....things don't quite work out and surprise surprise my cookies didn't work out. Did you see that coming? well you're clever cus I didn't! 
What is wrong with them I hear you ask? They look okay...ish. They came out like fat little cakes as opposed to the flat chewy Cookies I was after. You might be able to see from the above pic do you see the vast cake-like middle?
It tasted nice and lots of chocolate inside....what more do you want.....err maybe the chewy cookie I envisaged  when I started baking!

Verdict: pleasant but unsuccessful bake (I only have my self to blame).....shall be attempting another time to get the proper cookie I was after. x 


Laduree Convent Gardens

Hiya, so I was lesiurely walking around a cold but sunny Convent Gardens on friday and  I popped in to Laduree the famous French Macaroon shop, as you do. .....Okay so maybe it didn't happen
  that effortlessly...I was there for a different reason .....and it took a lady walking by me with their bag to remind me this little treat was nearby.

So I thought it would be nice to blog about it...but in order to do that I HAD to go in buy and taste some for you guys It would just be rude if I didn't..... especially when I have a baking blog right??

This was my first time trying a Macaroon!.....shocking I know lol. I bought lemon and All
Berry Delight. I liked the crunchy top then marshmallowy inside of the Macaroon. The filling of the lemon was nice and tangy I think there was some lemon curd in the middle there.
The All berry delight I think that was what it was called was alright...too many seeds.

Premises: The shop was small + cute...very Parisian Chic..pretty light Mint Green.  All the yummy treats they had inside was beautifully decorated. One section for the Macs another for all manner or exquisite delicate fancy delights eg Eclairs,Cakes,Tarts
The Macaroons were in rows of gorgeous pretty and bright pastel shades. They don't let you take pictures which was annoying, I shouldn't have asked...should have snapped and ran!!!
   Price: £1.60 for one.

So I took some snaps before I gobbled them up.
Tried to take other shots...but apparently my camera hates  me so....