Cherry & Almond Viennese Biscuits

just one week left of GBBO!....I'm not sure my achy bakey heart can bear it! This week I've made biscuits because Ruby made savoury biscuits in her canapé signatures...I don't do savoury I'm all about the sweet so I made some sweet biscuits.

As a baker and lover of everything sweet/baked I have a few flavour combos that I LOVE...quite a few actually. I seriously love anything Bakewellesque, I even hear the words almond and I'm THERE....I don't even wait to find out if its with the traditional Raspberry or equally delicious Cherry. Seriously how inviting, cosy, and just plain old delicious are these flavours ppl?! Yes I'm assuming your are ALL fellow Bakewell flavour lovers.As my mind  can't ,shan't  and just stubbornly won't  contemplate the idea that there are people amongst us who may not be fans  (feel free to suspiciously look over your shoulder at those nearby....ARE THEY ONE OF THEM?!)

Right on to the these beautifully biccys, I saw them on The Baking Explorer. Kat changed this Hairy Biker recipe to use delicious Cherry and Almond flavours. So I have Kat to thank for introducing my beloved flavours to me in a lovely new way. These biscuits were awesome! Crumbly buttery Viennese biscuit, lovely Almondy buttercream and sweet Cherry jam. My beloved Bakewell flavours in beautiful biscuit form.

Thoughts on bake of finale: I think all the girls are amazingly talented, but I feel Kimberly should win purely on her consistently amazing baking, awesome interesting flavours not to mention some of the reviews she has got off Paul....come on... amazing. I 've read some of the favouritism stuff that's been going around about Ruby....I don't know... she is awesome as well but if they look at it fairly from ep1 to now the only fair decision in my eyes is that Kimberly is crowned. Having said that I can  EASILY see them handing it to Ruby, if she pulled something epic out of the bag. Talented France has made it this far but I think her past style over substance issues will come back to haunt her so I don't think she could steal it from the others. 
What do you guys think? Who deserves it?! Who will win!? 

I'm sending this to the The Great Blogger Bake Off which is hosted by  Crazy Kitchen and  Mummy Mishaps 


White Chocolate & Strawberry Eclairs


As each week goes we grow closer to GBBO finishing!...its going so fast. This week was pastry week; the signature bake was Suet Pudding after hearing exactly what is was....I'm felt wondering why ppl Why? How can they eat that?!  The technical was  Religieus, Choux Pastry fashioned in the shape of nuns filled with Crem Pat and topped with Ganache. Last but not least the was a Puff Pastry show stopper. You know your in trouble when Paul questions your methods from the off.....Glen and his SPECIAL puff pastry way....poor Glen.

I've been really bad with trying to bake along but I'm getting this week out on time..(ish) I decided to go with Choux Pastry and make some Eclairs. I chose to try white chocolate and Strawberry...a combo I hadn't tried before believe it or not. I chopped some strawberries and folded it in to the Whipped cream then dunked them in white chocolate!

I didn't know what to expect with these but they were seriously nice. The Choux pastry (Paul style critique coming your way) was lovely and crisp but still had a nice chew to it if that makes sense. The Strawberry Cream was sweet and refreshing it had a really nice strong Strawberry flavour. The white Chocolate was lovely too not too sweet which it sometimes can be.  All in all I was very happy.

I'm sending this to the The Great Blogger Bake Off which is hosted by  Crazy Kitchen and  Mummy Mishaps .