Chocolate Brownies

Hiya, so I have been baking brownies.... chocolatey yummy brownies. I love brownies...they used to sell some AMAZING ones at my uni, but when I left uni I sadly left those brownies behind sniff sniff.  Though I love brownies I don't make them much because I stress about getting uncooked brownie middle while striving for the delicious squidgy brownieness we all know and love.
The recipe I used was from Fold in the flour a blog I'm currently crushing on, they were straight forward to make and seriously delicious .
 Fold in the Flour ultimate brownies


 The only changes I made was I took them out earlier because I was using a smaller tin, I managed to get soft squidgy middle.I took the sugar down to 200g.... couldn't quite bring my self to put in the 275g when it had all that chocolate in it.

Next time I make these I plan on packing them with white chocolate! 


  1. So delicious your brownie! I love your presentation! I looked forward to the white chocolate!

  2. thanks, the pictures are taken by friend mine I'm not nearly as talented with a camera. Me too i love white choc!

  3. Really glad you like them Cupcake Girl! White chocolate works well - I've tried them with dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries ( not all at the same time) and they are really good too. :) x

  4. thanks for the recipe susie, I have got my eye on your hazelnut ones too :)

  5. Hi cupcake girl,

    After I started baking, we hardly buy brownies from shops anymore. I reckon homemade bakes are always made with best of ingredients and lots of love. Your brownies is fantastic and wonder if this recipe works well too with white chocolate :D

    Nice to know you via blogging and love to follow your blog :D