Dark chocolate and hazelnut Truffles

Hiya guys, today I have some truffles for you.....truffles of the hazelnut variety. I'm lover of all things chocolate and hazelnut, which is why I decided to make some hazelnut truffles. when I thought of this idea I was dreaming of making some yummy Ferrero Rocher style truffles....... unfortunately I bought dark chocolate completely forgetting that Ferrero Rochers are milk chocolate. (duh)

So my Ferrero Rochers plans didn't come to fruition, however I did end up with some yummy, dark and nutty truffles.....sigh of relief!   

My recipe has the same base as my choc+orange ones, I just changed up the flavours.

150 ml of Double Cream 
200g of Dark Chocolate 
3 tbsp of hazelnut oil (this was from sainsburys I was a bit disappointed with this, not as strong in flavour as i thought it would be)
2 big tbsp of  hazelnut/choc  spread
Small bag of hazelnuts (I could only find blanched ones)

The methods which is really simple can be seen here .dark-chocolate-orange-truffles.Instead of flavouring it with orange I poured in the hazelnut oil and hazelnut spread. Also instead of  rolling in cocoa powder I rolled in chopped hazelnuts which I roasted first.

The truffles were smooth, chocolatey and nutty. They were nice bite size  treats of dark chocolatey nuttiness.


  1. They look gorgeous! I'm more of a fan of dark chocolate anyway so these would have suited me perfectly ;-) x

  2. Hi Cupcake girl,

    These truffles look wonderful. Like you and how you felt about hazelnut oil, I felt a little disappointed with walnut oil too. Despite that, I like its lightness and texture but didn't expect it not to be very walnut as walnuts should be.


  3. Thanks victoria+ zoe I was pleasantly surprised since I much prefer milk choc.

  4. They sound fantastic AND I have a bottle of hazelnut oil in the cupboard :)

  5. thanks choclette, I wonder if your oil is better than mine? mine was not as strong as I thought it would be