Hello: My first post!

Happy New Year! so I'm starting this new year by starting my baking blog. Instead of admiring every one else's lovely blogs I thought I'm gonna go for it and start my own.
I love baking and I'm currently obsessed with cupcakes (well who can blame me really their lovely) but I want to bake new yummy things.
So I'm using this blog to share all of the new things I'm going try, I'll share all the things that turn out great as well as the ones that don't...there is sure to be a few. Hopefully not too many if I STICK to the recipe COMPLETELY which I have a tendency not to do sometimes....and i wonder why some bakes don't work out. 
Along side my new bakes my beloved cupcakes will pop up now and again...cus that's a habit I don't ever want to kick! So have a look around.... maybe even follow or leave a comment if you fancy.
                                 Roll on my first bake!                                
Thanks for stopping by 
                               Cupcake Girl x 


  1. Loving the blog.... its so pretty! Not great at texting at the moment as my phone is on for repsir so uding an acient one! Glad you are still baking.... September was my last bake... :0 ( been far too busy with work but really enjoying new job! Hope you are well xxxx

  2. Thanks sarah, I'm enjoying it so much + trying new baking things. xx can u guess who did my photos?

  3. Well helloooo.....

    Welcome to the bloggersphere!!

    I'm looking forward to watching your blog grow :-)

    xx Kat xx

  4. Very nice blog! I am now £12 poorer having bought the same glass cake stand - love it!

  5. thank you kerry, my pic doesn't do it justice.