Baking Haul: Things I bought

I figure Hauls shouldn't just be for fashion youtubers so I'thought now and again I would do a baking haul, where I show you the baking related things I bought. I love looking at and buying pretty things to display and store my bakes in, here are two things I bought recently. 

The first is a 2 tier heart shaped cupcake stand from Wilkinson it was a fiver...so I thought why not. Its all right funnily enough it looks better in the photo then it does in real life....it was a fiver so what did I expect. It will suffice as a cutesyish stand.
I am much happier with purchase number 2, as you can see it is glass cake stand. The photo doesn't do it justice! It is from the The Great British Bake Off range I bought this from Marks and Spencer for £12. A lovely glass cake stand for £12+ its related to the bake off I love so much...yes please.


Just managed to upload pics....will now work on uploading pretty/better pics!!!! pls bare with . 


  1. I like your Show Displays, very nice!

  2. Ho Im so sad I just moved in a new flat and my husband broke my m&S cake stand the same one exactly... I'll never be able to find the same again...I think it was limited edition :-( Almost justify a divorce!!!
    I was pleased to fond your pic, thank you for putting it online! X

  3. sorry yours broke! I certainly need to use it more though.