New segment: Inspired By.......Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

I lose a lot of time drooling over lovely delicious blogs, and a lot of these I'll just admire or comment on.....but sometimes I see some bakes that I think....I'm so making me some that! because of this I thought I would start a  Inspired by segments where I make those things that have caught my fancy from fellow baking blogs using their recipe or adapting slightly.

This week I was Inspired by Baking makes things better, I saw some lovely Chocolate and Hazelnut cookies on their blog. I love this flavour combo so Melissa and Courtenay  kinda had me hooked from just the title! As the only chocolate cookies I've made before are Nigella ones I thought I would use that recipe and elements from the girl's recipe.

The only changes to Nigella's recipe  were that I added a handful  of hazelnuts that I toasted, this brings out the flavour of them otherwise you bite into bland hazelnuts. Plus some chocolate spread which is what Melissa and Courtney did.

These  were some seriously nice cookies! Super chocolatey with lovely crunch of Hazelnuts here and there. My only critique was I think I baked these a tad too long, so I didn't the chewy cookie texture I like in a cookie.....but they were still super delicious. Very glad I made them!


  1. These look really good! Rich and decadent.... love the addition of toasted hazelnuts.

  2. Mmmmm....These look divine! Great pics too!

    1. thank u, pics are courtesy of a talented friend.

  3. You can tell just from the colour how chocolate-y they are. Yum!