GBBO Petit Four challenge/ Chocolate& Orange Profiteroles

Hey guys, so I, like fellow obsessed baker have been watching GBBO very week since it came back into our baking telly lives. When the series returned I wanted to bake something from one of the challenges but only if they were baking something which tempted me..and sorry but Angel cake, Bread nor Floating Islands got me fingers itching to bake or my taste buds interested. Then I didn't have time attempt any showstoppers/signatures that did interest me.....what can I say sometimes I'm not very organised hence my  week 4 bake coming to you now.


So week 4 was dessert week and I decided to bake something in the Petit Fours category, meet my cute little Chocolate +Orange profiteroles. This is a flavour combo I love which has graced my blog before in many a form, you just can't beat lovely Milk Chocolate with a delicious Orange kick...mmm.
I used a Paul Hollywood recipe which I have used before, very straight forward and very painful on my poor arms I waited till my twin was around to help me and we tagged team the mixing part.

My Filling
Small pot of double cream think it was 100 ml ish
Icing sugar
Orange Extract
Milk Chocolate 100g

 I whipped some double cream which I sweetened with icing sugar and flavoured with Orange Extract. I melted the Milk Chocolate drops and added a tablespoon of Orange Extract. Once the profiteroles had cooled I  dunked the top of them in to the melted chocolate,and once they had set filled them with the whipped cream using a piping bag.

SOOO delicious.You bite into the lovely crisp choux pastry and then you get a mouthful of  the sweet orange flavoured cream which is finished off nicely with the gorgeous orange chocolate which tasted exactly like Terry's chocolate orange. Definitely worth the tired arms! I was very happy.

Thoughts on GBBO 4 
I'm really enjoying having bake off back, I have had a soft spot for Ruby and Ali since ep 1 when some of their bakes went VERY wrong...they were so gutted poor things.
I think Kimberly is definitely one to watch out for, she is very consistent and completely wowed Paul in this pie and filo week...getting reactions from paul very baker dreams of I'm sure.
I'm still impressed from the awesome chocolate work Rob did in ep1.
I felt SO bad for the all style and no substance comment poor Frances got, very bakers worse nightmare!.......and he said it twice slap in the face much?!  Could that comment be the writing on the wall for Frances?! who is your fave?  and what do make of all the lovely remaining bakers?


  1. Love the addition of orange flavour, I know I would love this! GBBO is so addictive, it's my first year watching it and I'm obsessed...

  2. I was addicted from ep1...love it!

  3. Mmm, they look delicious! I've never tried making profiteroles or anything pastry-ish before because I'm a bit scared, but the thought of a chocolate orange version may just tempt me to give it a try! I know this makes me a very bad baking blogger, but I actually don't watch GBBO!

    1. oh Kim u really should its fab! you get fab recipe ideas and lots of bakes to basically drool over :)
      Thanks, they are relatively easy just a real workout for your arms!!!

  4. These look fantastic and the orange addition sounds delicious! I too am a GBBO addict! Love it!

    1. Thanks charlotte, i was quite pleased with them. Its the best thing on telly!