Profiteroles with Strawberry Cream

Hey, so one evening  a baking idea floated in to my head, strawberry cream hidden inside a chocolate topped profiterole. Sounded like a yummy idea which I had to give ago, hence this post.
Making these was unfortunately not as easy as its inception, frankly it was a pain in the butt. Choux pastry is really hard work, my poor little arms...... they hurt so much and I got a blister!

I used this recipe by Paul Hollywood, I can't stress how painfully exhausting this was on my arms!!! An unwanted workout and a half. Then the shape went all funny when I was piping and I forgot to press down the pointy bits, so some looked ridiculous when they came out. After all the hard work they weren't crispy because I didn't leave them to crisp up in the oven long enough. Lastly I discovered an angry little blister on my hand thanks to all the crazy mixing with the wooden spoon.

For those of you wondering about the strawberry filling I squashed some strawberries in to the double creamed. Whipped that up with some icing sugar,piped that through the bottom with an icing bag.This was yummy and refreshing with a lovely strawberry flavour. Dipped the profiteroles in melted chocolate and left that to set. The pastry was ok, chewy not the crispy pastry I wanted.

Managed to snap a couple of pics on my phone while it was still light out. Feeling lots of hostility towards Choux pastry at the minute because after all that pain and hard work, they weren't quite what I was after.



  1. Great idea! Strawberry cream in a profiterole sounds great but you're right a workout and a half for the arms. I hope your current hostility towards choux doesn't put you off trying again! :-)

  2. Thanks Laura.I dnt know i can hold a grudge...but I shall try :)