Let loose at Cake International 2014

Hey Everyone

As I'm a self confessed obsessed baker if there is even a sniff of any baking related events nearby..(london) I'm there! Which is why its unsurprising that I was stalking the aisles of the cake international at The Excel last month.......stalking in a dedicated way not a creepy way.
Last year I attended the Cake +Bake show and was loitering the lobby with my twin trying to get last min tickets thankfully we did. I wasn't intending on doing that again so this trip was well planned. Like strategically I was armed with notes, snacks,camera, time + places of stall and demos I  wanted to see. I was very proud of my self I have to say lol!

I spent a lot of money, places like that are dangerous for people like me. To make myself feel better they were things that were
1 Awesome
2 Totally necessary
3  On a very good deal
4 Where things I was planing to get online which would have come with delivery charges.

I spent quite a bit at Purple Cupcakes....I love that place and their brand everything about them is gorgeous!  I bought their Impressit letters pack, a pretty embossed folder, and their swirly piping nozzel. I had  received a delivery from them 2 days before I went to the Excel and errr..... went back for more!
Other purchases were 2  24 cupcake carriers the first was £12 and then I got the 2nd for 10. Which is a great deal normally those things are in the £24 region!  A pack of colourfull cupcake cases,another nozzel, some flavourings and lastly some cute baby themed stamp/cutters. After a while I forbade myself from buying anything else!

I took loads of pics of the competition cakes  there were loads of awesome cakes I stuck to the pretty ones more than the novelty ones... feast your eyes.







Aren't they gorgeous the detail on them was awesome, there are some very talented people out there. I wanted to just stay there.....it was so pretty there!  Unfortunately I couldn't, I had take my bulky purchases and catch the tube home. FYI it was a pain in the arse carrying two cupcake carriers + plus 2 bags on a packed a train in rush hour.  It was certainly worth it though, I had a very productive, informative and of course pretty day at the Cake international.

See ya x


  1. Wow..... Yes....... aren't there some amazingly talented people out there? I always look in awe at such beautiful cake decorating...... I simply haven't got the patience or creativity!!!!!

    1. I was certainly in awe! I could have stayed all day...

  2. My fella would strip me of all credit and debit cards before I went anywhere near an event like this one.....lol I would go nuts and buy so much :D the cakes you showed were amazing and so beautiful, I am sure you had a wonderful day I should imagine it was great fun.

    1. lol....Not sure how but I managed to find some restraint! It was awesome!