Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Blondies

This weekend  I had my first ever go at a Blondie. For sometime time now I  had been achying to bake something with Peanut Butter in it, so after some thinking I decided to make Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Blondie. I was really looking forward to what they would be like as I'd never tasted one before.
I found a really simple Rachel Allen recipe online and got on with the experiment.

I found this was easier to judge...i took it out when the edges had crisped up but the middle was soft...not wobbly just soft. I let it sit a while to firm up before i cut it....I wish my choc brownies cut this nice and neat! The Blondies definitely tasted better the longer they sat. The flavour seem to come to together better and you got a stronger taste of the Blondie part of it.... if that makes sense. They were dense..I  imagine this is down to the Peanut Butter in there. I didn't use as much sugar as the recipe recommended as I was scared of it being too sweet. I ended up drizzling some choc over the top which helped give you more of a chocolate hit as well as looking pretty of course.
I wished I'd put in more choc chips it was really nice when you bit in to one. The PB flavour is really strong...I wish I'd used smooth Peanut Butter...sometimes it was too chunky.The edges were nice and crisp with the slightly softer middle. At times it reminded me of  big chocolate chip cookie..the textures in the two were quite similar. I really quite liked this! It shan't be the last Blondie I make as I really like the texture and idea of a Blondie.
ps just saw Rachel has a Banoffee Blondie recipe!....my twin has put in a request for an Almond and Cherry one. Have you guys got any fav Blondies?


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    1. It was pretty good....a nice intro into blondies for me.

  2. OOH. You've reminded me that I made peanut butter blondies a couple of years ago and burnt them, then gave most of them away because I'd OD'd on peanut butter that same week, and I always meant to try them again! Yours look way better than mine did and you have perfect drizzling! How do you get it so even? Mine always turns out blobby!

    1. Thanks Kim, the piping was quite fun.I just poured the choc into a piping bag make sure to cut a smallish hole as it gives you more control. Also make sure the choc is still a bit warm and runny when u do it. If u have another go at both good luck!