Chocolate Chip Shortbread

I have some  Choc Chip Shortbread for you this week, this was prompted by eating some yummy Shortbread someone brought in to work recently. I decided must try some for myself and fancied putting some Chocolate chips in them.
This was my first ever go at making shortbread  they were super simple to make but I found the 'when to take them out' tricky. The timings  given by the recipe were too early and they looked really pale, which I know is how they are supposed to look, but I have a thing about things not being baked probably so I kept them in a longer. So mine were a lovely golden colour...but technically I guess for Shortbread they were over done. I really liked  the flavour of them nice and buttery packed with choc chips but quite crunchy!
 I used this  recipe from BBC Food website. I think next time I might give a different one ago and see how that goes for me plus I will try my hardest to stick to their timings and we shall see if our 2nd tempt will be more Shortbread like.
A short & sweet post....just like the Shortbread!



  1. The chocolate chip shortbreads look wonderful - I only wish I could grab one through the computer screen!

    1. aww thanks maggie....being able to do it that would be awesome!

  2. shortbread, my favourite! and with chocolate... even better :-)

    ✽. aimée .✽ wallflowergirl.co.uk

    1. Thanks...yeah i add chocolate to wherever possible!