Chocolate & Cherry Brownies

I do solemnly swear that I shall make brownies more often! They are seriously awesome,          
Seriously chocolatey -tick

I have used another Fold In The Flour recipe,this time it's Susie's Cherry Chocolate Brownies.Now that makes three recipes of Susie's I have tried which I think means I'm officially her stalking her blog now :)  Its her own fault for having too many lovely recipes....so Susie only has herself to blame!

I decided on using cherries because recently I've been buying cherry scones which have been really lovely, so naturally that progressed to wanting to smother them a in chocolate brownie....as you do.

I was really happy with these, I was very careful not to over/under bake them. The result was delicious fudgey textured brownie mmm. The only thing I was annoyed about was I couldn't find the cherries Susie used so I opted for fresh cherries. They were perfectly fine and juicy but not as flavoursome as I bet the other cherries would have been. Although It was nice to bite in to the brownie and get a juicy cherry, I would have loved a stronger cherry flavour .

I shall be entering these in to Teatime Treats which is hosted this month by Lavendar &Lovage as the theme is fresh fruits. As I used fresh cherries I think they qualify.


  1. Delicious combination. Fresh cherries in anything makes things so much better!

    1. Thanks, I'm loving cherries at the minute!

  2. FABULOUS brownies and SOOO lovely and fruity! Thanks for your entry into Tea Time Treats! Karen

  3. Oh, yum, yum, yum. I love chocolate and cherries and your brownies look so good.