A Mountain Cake Masquerading as a Choc Chip Cookie

 Hiya, I want to introduce you to my little mountain cakes masquerading as choc chip cookies!yeah you read right. Since my Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies worked out great I wanted to try my hand at chocolate chip ones. I recently purchased Jo wheatley's  A Passion for Baking and heard good things about her cookies. So I thought I would give them a go.

Only I didn't stick exactly to her recipe I didn't use the amount of sugar stated in the recipe. It seemed so much I couldn't bring myself to do it thinking they would come out too sweet.  (325g of sugar to 400g of flour) 
As we all know if you don't stick to the recipe....things don't quite work out and surprise surprise my cookies didn't work out. Did you see that coming? well you're clever cus I didn't! 
What is wrong with them I hear you ask? They look okay...ish. They came out like fat little cakes as opposed to the flat chewy Cookies I was after. You might be able to see from the above pic do you see the vast cake-like middle?
It tasted nice and lots of chocolate inside....what more do you want.....err maybe the chewy cookie I envisaged  when I started baking!

Verdict: pleasant but unsuccessful bake (I only have my self to blame).....shall be attempting another time to get the proper cookie I was after. x 


  1. Still look yummy! Cookies need the extra sugar as it melts which causes the 'spread' when they bake... anyways, as long as they were edible I think that counts as a baking success! x

  2. Definitely still look super yummy, I wouldn't say they went "wrong" at all, you created a "cake cookie!" A caaookie?!

    Yum! x

  3. lol new word + trend perhaps!

  4. Ooh I don't know, 'fat little cakes' sound pretty good to me!:)